Dear NATPA Members,

According to many attendees' response, we had a successful Annual Meeting.  There were about 200 attendees for the conference and over 350 guests for the dinner banquet on Saturday.  On Sunday after the banquet, there were still around 100 participants.  The tickets for the dinner banquet were sold out a few weeks before the event.

The good turnout was due to the hard work of Dr. Ching-Chiang Kuo and the Planning and Organization Committee.  NATPA is lucky to have a dedicated team to make a successful meeting.  Please check out the Committee members  in the attachment.  If your friends are on the list, please drop them a message for a job well done.

The new president elect is Lily Dyson (鄭麗珠), a Professor of Special Education and Educational Psychology, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada.  Dr. Dyson will bring in a new perspective to NATPA.  Right after the 2013 Annual Meeting, Dr. Dyson already gears up for the 2014 Annual Meeting.  By the way, she will be the second female and first Canadian president of NATPA!  

The new vice president elect is Charles Hsu (許宗邦), a family physician with Kaiser Permanente.  Dr. Hsu has been a big helper in the planning and organization of the 2013 Annual Meeting.  He organized a very memorable Post Conference Tour for 46 participants.  By the way, Dr. Hsu was also elected as the new president of NATPA-Southern California Chapter (NATPA-SCAL).

I would like to end this message with another positive note.  Dr. Ching-Chiang Kuo has recruited 5 new members this year.  We need to follow his effort.  Kudos to Dr. Kuo!
Please take good care,
Wenyuh Tsay
President, NATPA
San Marcos, CA
(760) 750-4222(760) 750-4222  (O), 727-5597 (H)

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