Welcome to the 2013 NATPA Annual Meeting!


Dear NATPA Members and Conference Participants,

Welcome to the 2013 NATPA Annual Meeting in Southern California.  In the past few years, we have held joint conferences with Taiwanese American Conference (East Coast 2010, West Coast 2011 and South 2012).  By these arrangements, we can enjoy the opportunity to meet members and friends from separate regions.  However, some members expressed their preference for our own annual meeting for a closer interaction among fellow members.

Facing emerging low cost competitors around the world, Taiwan’s economy needs to climb up on the ladder of value chain to secure its future prosperity or even survival.  Invention and innovation is a critical alternative for resource-constrained economies like Taiwan’s to compete globally.  Not recognizing the achievements and potentials of many talented fellow countrymen, more and more Taiwanese have lost their confidence to be a resourceful economy and sought opportunities only within Chinese circle.

Many of us realize the danger of a frog in a slowly boiling pot.  If the trend continues, we may squander the chance of becoming an independent nation in our generation.  Therefore, we propose the conference theme, “Salute to Invention and Innovation,” to pay tribute to achievements by many Taiwanese.  Recognizing talents in the society is the first step to inspire more to follow.

Last August, SCAL members and I discussed to hold 2013 NATPA Annual Meeting in memory of Dr. Ming C. Wang’s achievement and to revive the fellowship among members.   Even though not getting full credit for his great invention in PSA testing, Dr. Wang still upheld his gentle character to a high standard.  He was the example which the Planning Committee had in mind when we chose the conference theme, “Salute to Invention and Innovation.”   

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to the Annual Meeting Planning and Organization Committee and its Chair and Coordinator, Dr. Ching-Chiang Kuo, for their hard work and commitment.  Their overall contribution has certainly assured the success of our 2013 Annual Meeting.

2013 Annual Meeting presents an opportunity for us to renew our friendship.  We have also arranged a scenic Post Conference Tour for a fun gathering.  Please enjoy the conference and cherish the fellowship of our new and old friends!


Wenyuh Tsay

NATPA President

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