NATPA:Taiwan should defend itself by rejecting ECFA with China

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2010-05-19 02:45 PM

North America Taiwanese Professors Association (NATPA), an overseas advocacy group in favor of Taiwan independence, issued an announcement, calling for a brake on the proposed Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), before May 20, the 2th anniversary of the Ma administration.

The association called for a collection of one million signatures for the referendum on the trade pact with China, both Taiwan’s arch-enemy and biggest economic partner. It’s an unprecedented crisis, the association claimed, that locks Taiwan in the one-China framework, a political scheme by its communist neighbor.

The association noted that Taiwan should channel China with established economic and trade relations with other economies beforehand, a move that the opposition DPP chairperson Tsai Ing-wen proposed in the just-concluded debate with the president on April 25.

Had Taiwan inked the trade pact with China, it would be stripped of its sovereignty, ways of life, welfare, in the same way as that of Hong Kong and Macau, noted the association, while adding that Taiwan people must step out and express their anger toward the backroom-style politics and China centric stance of the Ma administration, in its downturn of favorability after two years of mismanagement.
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