NATPA e-Newsletter Feb. 9th, 2015


NATPA e-Newsletter Feb. 9th, 2015

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- Guideline for Using NATPA Forum

Dear NATPA members:

The issue of misusing the forum has been brought to the attention of the Board repeatedly.  Many members have complained about the languages and inappropriate behavior that have taken place in the forum these days.

The Board has reviewed and reexamined the guideline of using forum (see attachement), and we urge ALL members to comply to the same set of rules.  Before writing down any words, before hitting the "send" button, we should all ask ourselves, is this something that you would say to your colleagues at work place?

Please be fair and just in the forum.  Please be courteous to our fellow members..


Charles Hsu

NATPA President


- NATPA in Facebook (with Link)

Dear NATPA Members and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that we have created Facebook Group for NATPA. You are welcome to join the group by clicking the link below. The group is a public facing group that allows all to join. We will use this tool for more of future collaboration and sharing. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can create one in that process.

Best regards,

Charlie Hsu

President, NATPA 2015

- 2015 NATPA Annual Conference: Baja Mexico Cruise (7/31-8/3)

The departure time from LA on Friday, July 31st is at 5:30 PM and the returning time to LA is Monday morning, Aug. 3rd. Please see the attached documents for details of the expense and registration. To secure the group rate for the cabin rooms, the deadline for doing so is APRIL 2nd. Many NATPA members and their families have signed up since we have made the announcement. Conference program including excellent presentations and activities will follow soon. Please make time to join NATPA's annual event; it will be great fun to renew friendship or making new ones during the cruise. Your participation is most important and much appreciated by the Board of NATPA.  

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- 2015-02-03 極光電子報 (台灣教授協會) (attachment)

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