2015 NATPA Annual Conference: Baja Mexico Cruise (7/31-8/3)


2015 NATPA Annual Conference: Baja Mexico Cruise (7/31-8/3) 


Dear NATPA members:


The NATPA Annual Conference 2015 will take place on a Baja Mexico Cruise!

Conference program including excellent presentations and activities will soon be announced. Please make time to join NATPA's annual event; it will be great fun to renew friendship or making new ones during the cruise.

The departure time from Long Beach on Friday, July 31st is at 5:30 PM and the returning time is Monday morning, Aug. 3rd.  Please see the attached files (Program File and Registration Form) for details of the expense and registration. To secure the group rate for the cabin rooms, the deadline for doing so is APRIL 2nd. 

Your participation is most important and much appreciated by the Board of NATPA.


Best regards,

Charles Hsu

President of NATPA 2015


Q&A Regarding the cruise:


1.     For anyone coming from out of town, what airport should I use, LAX or Long Beach?

Answer: If arriving in LAX is less expensive, please book the airline ticket accordingly. Once arriving in LAX, please take hotel shuttle bus to Hilton Hotel in LAX, the transportation from there to Long Beach (cruise) will be arranged by NATPA President Charles Hsu.

2.     When do people need to arrive in LA?

Answer: We can start checking in for the cruise around noon on 7/31 (Friday).  The travel time from LAX to Long Beach is approximately 40 min.  It’s therefore best to arrive in LAX in the morning.

3.     When is the due date for registration?  What if cancelation is needed?

Answer: The numbers of cabins are not limited to 50 as seen in the registration form.  Please hurry and register the trip now; the group rate is due on April 2nd.  In case of cancelation, there is no penalty if it’s done 61 day before the departure date.

4.     When will the cruise ship return to Long Beach on 8/3 (Monday)? 
Answer: Before Noon, hence for flight leaving LA is best to be scheduled in the afternoon.

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