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Dear NATPA Members:

March 31, 2014

I trust you are keeping well in spite of our concern about the courageous students in Taiwan.

The NATPA conference committee has finally completed the conference details with the exception of the conference program. There have been changes in the conference plan. The greatest change is the conference site. After careful consideration of all aspects and the potential participants, the committee has approved moving the conference from the original proposed site, UBC, to Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Vancouver. The hotel is located in the centre of downtown within 1-2 blocks of waterfront or business center. Hyatt Hotel will allow the best conference facilities, easy travel access, as well as the visibility of NATPA in the international community. It would also accommodate the conference banquet dinner for the group size we expect to have and allow easier participation by the local Taiwanese community. For personal convenience and enjoyment, the location would be the best and the most enjoyable. You can walk to the waterfront or shopping or museum or use the sky train easily to tour Vancouver and outlaying areas. You will have also more comfort than a university residence, as good as that at UBC is, would be able to provide.

With a better hotel, the cost may increase for you. But since the trip will offer you both the conference attendance and tourism, I believe the extra cost would be worthwhile. We have booked double-bed rooms for our conference which would allow you to share rooms to reduce the cost. Summer in Vancouver is probably the best in the world since it is not too hot so you and your family will have a good time here. Bring along your children and grandchildren. They will enjoy watching sea planes taking off in the inner harbour which is only 2 blocks from Hyatt and they should like the sky train which is a public transportation. If you take a trip to Victoria, you and your children would enjoy big ferry and the beautiful waterway along small islands. I continue to think it’s one of the most beautiful spot in the world. You can also take the train from the airport to the hotel directly with only $5 - $6. There are just so many things to see and to do for adults and children in Vancouver.

There are very attractive tours. There is one city tour (Vancouver) which follows the conference on August 17. It would be considered as our conference tour. I hope you can all join it for the fellowship of NATPA and as a show of cohesion in NATPA. The cost is about $30/person. Following the tour, the bus will return you to the hotel. You can choose other tours after that. Different quotes are provided because the charge depends on the number of tourists.

The 2014 Annual Conference has finally completed the registration materials. I am attaching them in separate files. The files include: the revised flyer for the conference, the conference registration form, tour package that includes the booking form and tour descriptions. Please follow the deadline for the hotel reservation since they argued that they had provided us the best charges and would not extend late reservation.

Please note that after the conference on August 17, there are 2 hotel choices: Hyatt and Sandman Signature Hotel. The latter is near the airport so costs only half of Hyatt’s. This is arranged to save some cost for you. However, the hotel is not as convenient for touring. It will have the airport shuttle to take you to the airport.

This conference is an important one. It will include speeches and topics delivered by mostly young Taiwanese scholars who include distinguished professors and researchers. The program includes both academic and scholarly works as well as practical topics that help our health. There will especially be expert and practice discussions regarding Taiwan’s democracy and perhaps the students’ movement concerning the trade agreement. I hope that you will participate in the discussion of these important issues.

Have3 good day! I look forward seeing you in August.

Lily Dyson, Ph.D.

NATPA President

Phone: 250-721-1653250-721-1653

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