Dear NATPA Members,

I would like to share with you some photos, slide show and video recordings of the 2013 Annual Meeting.

Dr. Shin Liu is one of our photographer at the Annual Meeting.  He has uploaded photos at the Meeting in PICASA.  You can download any individual photo in which you are interested.  Here is the link:

Dr. Liu also prepared the conference slide show for our Meeting.  Please pass on the following YOUTUBE link to your friends:

In addition, Mr. Freeman Huang of 台灣公義網 recorded the video of the dinner banquet on the evening of August 10.   Fortunately, Mr. Huang's video fills in the void for the video recording of our program.  Otherwise, many absent members would miss the opportunity to listen to the inspiring keynote speech by Mr. Datan Liu and the touching performance by Prof. Helen Lee.  Please share the following YouTube links with your friends:

李雪玟敎授NATPA年會演唱"This Land is Mine" & "Well, When will I go far away" 08102013

NATPA年會總召郭清江博士介紹講員身障發明家劉大潭生平 08102013

2013年NATPA年會-身障發明家劉大潭先生主題演說-Part I

2013年NATPA年會-身障發明家劉大潭先生主題演說-Part II

Please enjoy these lasting memories of 2013 Annual Meeting!!

Wenyuh Tsay
President, NATPA
San Marcos, CA
(760) 750-4222(O), 727-5597(H)

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