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The final report regarding 管中閔's accused plagiarism case Written by NATPA Staff 5500
NATPA Award Winner Dr. Doris Chang (張庭寧教授) Cited in News Report Written by NATPA Staff 2599
北美洲台灣人教授協會 對於「反課綱微調」公開聲明與呼籲 Written by NATPA Staff 2557
第一屆「NATPA 廖述宗教授紀念獎」獲獎名單 史明與黃國昌並列 Written by NATPA Staff 2796
2015年第一屆「NATPA 廖述宗教授研究獎金」公告 Written by NATPA Staff 3078
Donate/Pay to NATPA Written by Minze Chien2 7651
Donate to Taiwan Earthquake Relief Fund Written by NATPA Staff 2733
NATPA Professor Liao Shutsung Memorial Award 第一屆「NATPA 廖述宗教授紀念獎」公告 Written by NATPA Staff 3690
NATPA Statement - Support the Students and Leaders of Sunflower Movement Written by Minze Chien2 2744
NATPA聲明 支持太陽花學運的學生和領袖 Written by Minze Chien2 2645
NATPA e-Newsletter Feb 16th, 2015 Written by NATPA Staff 2583
NATPA e-Newsletter Feb. 9th, 2015 Written by Minze Chien2 2659
President’s Letter Written by Minze Chien2 3749
President’s Letter - 2015 Hsu Written by Minze Chien2 1219
2015 NATPA Annual Conference: Baja Mexico Cruise (7/31-8/3) Written by NATPA Staff 3086
A Petition to Urge President Ma-Ying-Jeou to Respect Medical Expertise and Ethics and to Return Past President Chen Shui-Bian Home for Medical Treatment Written by NATPA Staff 3381
Update on Conference Registration Written by Administrator 3063
2014 NATPA Annual Conference Registration Package Written by Administrator 2998
2014 call for proposals for poster or paper presentations Written by Administrator 3807
2014 NATPA Annual Conference Tour Information Written by Administrator 2810
2014 NATPA ANNUAL CONFERENCE Written by Administrator 4478
2013-08-27 NATPA Annual Meeting Pictures and Video Written by Administrator 3365
2013 Annual Meeting Written by Administrator 3336
2013-08-02 Welcome to 2013 NATPA Annual Meeting Written by Administrator 2894
2013-06-11 北美洲台灣人教授協會(NATPA) 2013年年會邀請您 Written by Administrator 2918
2012-04-30 Guidelines (and Rules) for Using NATPA Forum Written by Administrator 3270
2009-03-24 北美洲台灣人教授協會會員論述 Written by Administrator 3301
2013-04-19 北美洲台灣人教授協會對 「核四公投」聲明 Written by Administrator 2318
2010-05-19 北美洲台灣人教授協會聲明:拒絕ECFA,反對馬英九,捍衛台灣! Written by Administrator 1973
2010-05-19 NATPA:Taiwan should defend itself by rejecting ECFA with China Written by Administrator 1766
2010-03-25 Groups petition Obama to help Taiwan Written by Administrator 2004
2009-12-02 反對與中國簽訂ECFA Written by Administrator 1964
2013-7-18 Please Join Us at 2013 Annual Meeting Written by Administrator 2810
2013-02-01停止迫害郭清江博士 Written by Administrator 2376
2011-04-14 我們對核能發電到非核家園的看法 Written by NATPA Staff 2478
2011-01-05 Call for Participation 2011 NATPA Young Scholars Program Written by NATPA Staff 1940
2011-12-24 從ECFA决策過程到執行現況透視台灣危機 Written by NATPA Staff 3440
2011-12-20 北美洲台灣人教授協會對 「宇昌案」聲明 Written by NATPA Staff 1985
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