NATPA e-Newsletter December 14th, 2015


Dear NATPA members:


The NATPA e-Newsletter contains mainly important announcements and writings by NATPA members published in news media (or in forum) from the previous week(s).  The Board encourages everyone to share their news and members'articles in the forum or one can send info to the < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > to be included in the weekly e-newsletter.


As G. Keillor like to say at the end of Writer's Almanac program of NPR, "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch".





NATPA e-Newsletter December 14th, 2015



- 史明紀錄片革命進行式 + 映後座談 (attachment)



CP Yeh

NATPA Think-Tank Committee Report

Dear NATPA Forum members,

 NATPA Think-Tank Committee has posted the following three files on
 NATPA website: 
​ ​
We hope that you will go through 
 files, from which you may 
​have questions for discussion, or comments for the Committee to enhance, or 
ideas for doing something for Taiwan.

 1: NATPA Think-Tank Committee Annual Report to NATPA Board 
​click, ​
under Menu/Think-Tank Activity)

 2: Three Proposals for NATPA Board Concurrency From the Think-Tank Committee 
​click, ​
under Menu/Think-Tank Activity)

Essays by NATPA Members 
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under Menu/Members Writings)

Also, the email from CP Yeh below told us 
 exciting news that Li-Lin's article
​ (
 has been mentioned by Taiwan's talk show 
新台灣加油, and Chung-Chih's
​ (
, by 
新聞追追追. Li-Lin is also the most productive writer; of the 
 essays recorded during the last 2 months and 
 days, she wrote 2
. (Note: some of the essays, such as those by Joseph Kuo, have not been recorded here.) Li-Lin told me that she will try hard to communicate with Taiwan's voters before the election. Hope you can write something for Taiwan, too.

If you have any questions
​ or​
​ ​
please tell us or discuss at the Forum. 

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

From the Think Tank Committee members: 
Shyu-tu Lee, Ketty Chen, Li-Lin Cheng, Peter Chow, JY Hsu, Joseph Kuo, Gerrit van der Wees
Meeting with TAUP in Taipei on Jan. 26th

Dear Colleagues:


If you will travel to Taiwan to vote this coming January, you are invited to attend a meeting with TAUP (Taiwan Association of University Professors) in Taipei on 1/26. The date is set to be after the Taiwan Tour organized and led by Charles Hsu.


If you will join us, please send me an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so that we have a good count of the number of participants to arrange the venue and the program.



James J Y Hsu





- Articles by Jerome Keating in Taipei Times

1. Ma’s failure to accept democracy

2. Pinning down Chu’s ‘One Taiwan’


-  民報專欄中國現行的百年競爭,靠的是美國先前二甲子的幻夢 by Taitzer Wang (王泰澤

- 蘋果「亞洲病夫」又病了 by Sebo Koh (許世模)

-  蘋果焦點評論希特勒不是民主 是出賣民主 by Chung-Chih Li (李中志)


2015-12-08 極光電子報 (attachment)

 Other previous important announcements:

- NATPA's Formal Statement on Ma-Xi Meeting

九二共識的精神就是終極統一 (蘋果)

北美洲台灣人教授協會譴責「馬習會」聲明 (民報)

- NATPA 2015 Conference Program Book (online linkB/W copy link)

- NATPA PayPal Account: Accepting Membership and Donation Online 


NATPA has established an online payment method.  Members can use PayPal or major credit cards (even if you do not have a PayPal account) for making payment of membership or donation.  It is a secure process similar to any online transaction. There will be an invoice available for you to save or print for each transaction.


You can click the “Donate/Pay to NATPA” link to:

1) Donate to Prof. Liao Memorial Fund (NATPA廖述宗教授基金);

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