NATPA e-Newsletter December 7th, 2015


Dear NATPA members:


The NATPA e-Newsletter contains mainly important announcements and writings by NATPA members published in news media (or in forum) from the previous week(s).  The Board encourages everyone to share their news and members'articles in the forum or one can send info to the < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > to be included in the weekly e-newsletter.


As G. Keillor like to say at the end of Writer's Almanac program of NPR, "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch".





NATPA e-Newsletter December 7th, 2015



- NATPA SCAL 30 Years Pearl Anniversary Conference Welcome You!!  (see attachment for details)

Celebration of NATPA SCAL 30 year pearl anniversary and annual convention will take place on December 12, 2015 (Saturday) at Orange Presbyterian Taiwanese Church There are more than 10 ex-presidents will come to the reunion!  

Don't miss the boat, please join us at this special event
Charles Hsu

- 敬邀加入海內外學術界支持蔡英文、陳建仁擔任第十四任總統、副總統連署


「海內外學術界支持蔡英文,陳建仁擔任第十四任總統,副總統」的連署仍在進行中,目前連署人士共970人。懇請大家繼續邀請學術界朋友共襄盛舉,希望能突破一千人連署。 以下是連署網站的首頁 (包括所有文章,政策對談等);

CP Yeh

支持黃國昌參選連署 (懇請轉發予貴會會員)




我們的好朋友黃國昌正在參選新北市第十二選區的立法委員。國昌是傑出的法律學者。我們相信他也會是極為優秀的立法委員,為了捍衛台灣主體性與台灣價值而奮鬥。我們想以連署的方式向新北市第十二選區的選民推薦國昌。如果您也願意參與連署的話,請回覆此信至 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   並煩請提供您的姓名、任職單位以及職稱。非常謝謝。









Meeting with TAUP in Taipei on Jan. 26th

Dear Colleagues:


If you will travel to Taiwan to vote this coming January, you are invited to attend a meeting with TAUP (Taiwan Association of University Professors) in Taipei on 1/26. The date is set to be after the Taiwan Tour organized and led by Charles Hsu.


If you will join us, please send me an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so that we have a good count of the number of participants to arrange the venue and the program.



James J Y Hsu




Taipei TimesRejection of ‘one China’ principle by Shyu-Tu Lee 李學圖


- Articles by Gerrit van der Wees in Taipei Times (sorry for not posting them earlier)


1. Ma meeting Xi a selfish gamble to save legacy (Nov 5 2015)

2. KMT’s new candidate is on the wrong track (Oct 23 2015)

3. AIIB a black hole for Taiwan’s economy (July 4 2015)


To be or not to be: Can RMB become internationalized? by Peter Chow (see attachment)


-  想想論壇辛普森殺妻與 頂新黑心油 by Chung-Chih Li (李中志)


- Articles by Li-Lin Cheng (鄭麗伶)

1. 【民報】請問,你為什麼還支持國民黨?

2. 【蘋果】如玄仙女照妖鏡

3. 自由謊心虛?如玄仙女的眼皮秀


4. 自由拜託 THIS MAN 饒了台灣吧!


2015-12-01 極光電子報 (attachment)

 Other previous important announcements:

- NATPA's Formal Statement on Ma-Xi Meeting

九二共識的精神就是終極統一 (蘋果)

北美洲台灣人教授協會譴責「馬習會」聲明 (民報)

- NATPA 2015 Conference Program Book (online linkB/W copy link)

- NATPA PayPal Account: Accepting Membership and Donation Online 


NATPA has established an online payment method.  Members can use PayPal or major credit cards (even if you do not have a PayPal account) for making payment of membership or donation.  It is a secure process similar to any online transaction. There will be an invoice available for you to save or print for each transaction.


You can click the “Donate/Pay to NATPA” link to:

1) Donate to Prof. Liao Memorial Fund (NATPA廖述宗教授基金);

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