NATPA e-Newsletter Feb. 2nd, 2015


Dear NATPA members: 

The Board has started a NATPA Weekly or Bimonthly e-Newsletter to better serve our members.  This e-Newsletter will contain important announcements and writings by NATPA members published in news media (or in forum) from the previous week(s).  Hence, we encourage everyone sharing their news and members' articles in the forum or send it to the Secretary < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > to be included in the weekly e-newsletter.

As G. Keillor like to say at the end of Writer's Almanac program of NPR, "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch".


NATPA Board 


NATPA e-Newsletter Feb. 2nd, 2015

※ Announcements:

- 2015 NATPA Annual Conference: Baja Mexico Cruise (7/31-8/3)

The departure time from LA on Friday, July 31st is at 5:30 PM and the returning time to LA is Monday morning, Aug. 3rd. Please see the attached documents for details of the expense and registration. To secure the group rate for the cabin rooms, the deadline for doing so is APRIL 2nd. There are 20 or more NATPA members and their families have signed up since we have announced last week. Members are encouraged to register ASAP!  Conference program including excellent presentations and activities will soon to be posted. Please make time to join NATPA's annual event; it will be great fun to renew friendship or making new ones during the cruise. Your participation is most important and is much appreciated by the Board of NATPA.  

- 凱達格蘭學校「第十五期國家領導與發展策略班」學員招募中 (attachment)

- 台灣母語聯盟年會: 2015/2/7/拜六下晡 (attachment)

- 2015-01-27 極光電子報 (台灣教授協會) (attachment)


※ Publications by NATPA members:

莫入南非後塵 (AppleNews) by Li, Chung-Chih 

Articles by Jen-Yih Chu in PeopleNews:

酷吏真「酷 (cool)」,當好醫師開始

吳濁流小說集《功狗》集 (2): 〈泥沼中的金鯉魚〉等三文


浮誇造假氾濫 台灣醫界必須求真



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