President’s Letter

My Dear NATPA fellows,                                                                                                        October 21, 2016

It’s my great honor to become the 37th president of this great organization for the term of 2016-2017. I am extremely thankful for the support and encouragement from the Board Directors and many friends who bring me into this family and give me the opportunity to forward my ideas. 

The administration has beautifully transferred to the current formation in the first board meeting on October 8th in Chicago. Please see this page for the list of current officers and committees. Many thanks should go to our Chicago regional president, Prof. Virginia Shen, and TAAGCC president, Prof. Eric Shen, who made the board meeting possible (see 太平洋時報, NATPA photo). I can’t thank enough to all NATPA members who contributed their time and efforts to the meeting.

 We have discussed many items and some decisions have been made during and after the Chicago meeting. Please allow me to briefly go through the most important items in this short message. I will elaborate the details in the short future.      

First of all, I’m pleased to announce that, our next annul conference will be held in Chicago. This decision was made by our board directors unanimously after thoughtfully discussion.  We will form a programming committee to work out the details soon.

Other items include:

  1. 1.      Resume bi-annual hard-copy newsletter for good standing members. The purpose of this costly decision is to differentiate good standing members and past due members
  2. 2.   Restructure the Ad Hoc committees (merge or remove if necessary)
  3. 3.     Bylaws review (amend if necessary)
  4. 4.     Participate/encourage more regional  chapters’ activities
  5. 5.     Promote NATPA through social network (e.g. NATPA face book)
  6. 6.     Facilitate our IT components (Webpage, database) and promote IT usage among our members
  7. 7.     Young Scholar Program and Mentorship
  8. 8.     Make more connect with NGO’s in Taiwan
  9. 9.     Promote the concept of Think Tank through the book project
  10. 10.  Push the name change movement, target at IOC and 2020 Tokyo game.
  11. 11.  Bring at lease one human right perpetrator into justice and apply the Universal Jurisdiction to internationalize Taiwan’s transitional justices under the UN’s guideline.     

Please be informed that I will keep posting all moves/actions/decisions/ideas made or proposed by this administration through this channel and our NATPA face book. In particular, the progress of items 10 and 11 above, which are the major projects I want to achieve.

I will schedule a board meeting through teleconference at the first weekend of every month.  The 9 current board directors are asked to join the meeting, plus invited committee members if items on the agenda are related.   All members are welcome to add discussion items for this regular meeting to discuss, if I decide to.

I wish everybody good health and happiness always, and I hope we all together can make NATPA energetic and productive.  

"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." -- Garrison Keillor


Chung-Chih Li   
President of NATPA



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